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Professional-Strength Ingredients

  • FDA-Approved Materials

    Elegant Smile tooth-whitening gel uses FDA-approved materials. The formula has been developed and used by leading dentists around the world. The Elegant Smile formula is safe, effective and has a specialized formula that helps to whiten your teeth from the very first application.

  • Whiten a Little? Or a Lot? It's Up to You!

    Let's face it: some of us need a little bit more help than others. Whether it's from too many Starbucks coffees, a sordid past as a smoker, or an addiction to Merlot, our habits leave their traces on our teeth. That's why Elegant Smile is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The Elegant Smile system lets you customize your results based on your needs. You can lighten and brighten precisely to suit your needs. That way you can get the smile of your dreams!

  • Big Savings, Same Great Results

    Sure, you could schedule an appointment, take time off work and spend up to $600 at the dentist's office getting the same treatment. Some people do. But you're smarter than that. Because dentists use exactly the same formula (and yes, we ship Elegant Smile to dentists, too!) and the same method. If you enjoy spending money and sitting in the dentist's chair, don't worry. You can get the same results as the people who choose Elegant Smile.

How Does Elegant Smile Work So Well?

Each of your teeth is made up of an inner layer of dentin and a hard outer layer of enamel (the hardest substance in your body). Whenever you eat or drink anything, it contributes to form a layer called a pellicle film over the enamel. Even though enamel is extremely hard, it is also porous. Over time, staining agents in the pellicle film seep into the enamel and discolor it. This discoloration is integrated into the enamel, so it can't simply be removed. Your smile goes dim.

Elegant Smile contains ingredients that set off an oxidation reaction deep in the enamel that erase the staining compounds. Your teeth are left looking brighter, whiter and dazzling. Even better, Elegant Smile doesn't harm the enamel of your teeth -- so your smile is just as strong as ever.

  • Professional-Strength Formula
  • Works from the First Application
  • Dentist-Approved Formula
  • Safe and Effective
  • No Side Effects
  • Whitens Without Weakening Teeth

When you whiten with Elegant Smile, you leave your teeth gleaming white. The process is simple, safe and effective -- taking just 30 minutes.

You can try Elegant Smile risk-free and see the results for yourself immediately. That's right: you will see a whiter smile after the very first application. Why wait? Try Elegant Smile risk-free today!